Friday, October 16, 2015

Windows 10 WiFi Issue

Problem:  You go to a coffee shop or other wifi network that's password changes often.  You try to log on, but the password has changed.  There is no new place to enter the password.  

Solution: Turn WiFi off.  Go to Advanced Settings.  Click Manage pre-existing networks.  Find the network that you wish to connect to.  Click on it. Then click forget.  Go back and turn wi-fi back on.  Connect, it will now ask you for a password.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Plus CSS Tech Bits

Some CSS tech bits from around the web-

  1. Localizing Dates in Javascript CSS-Tricks
  2. Quantity CSS Queries Demo via CSS-Tricks
  3. Image Scroll Snap Points Team Tree House via CSS-Tricks
  4. 12 Obscure CSS Facts Site Point via CSS-Tricks
  5. CSS Only Dropdowns With The Checkbox Hack tutorialzine
  6. Dragula: Simple Drag and Drop Dragula via Webdesigner Depot

Monday, May 11, 2015

Debugging Old ASMX Web Services - The "Cannot Create Type XXX" Error

So I had to upgrade an old web service from a Visual Studio 2008 project to a Visual Studio 2012 project.  When I went to do a build on my local machine I kept getting the "Cannot create type xxx" error on my asmx web service.

Ultimately, after playing around and researching, the fix is this.  The webservice is looking for the dll files in the bin directory.  The problem is if you are debugging the web service on your local machine the dll's will be outputted to either the bin\debug or the bin\release folders.  You need to grab those dll's and move them up on to just the bin folder, and at least for me the error went away.

Happy Coding.

Friday, February 20, 2015

BrowserLink and Why Is My Page So Slow?

In Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft added a new feature called "Browser Link". I was running some razor web pages that had almost nothing to them and they were taking a lot longer to load then they should have. So I hit F12 in the browser and analyzed the network traffic, and low and behold I noticed 3 or 4 additional gets going back to IIS, including one websocket call, that I never added. The culprit?  Browser Link.

I'm not sure what Browser Link does, but here is how to disable it.  My page load times went back from 1.56 seconds to .02 seconds.

[Disable Browser Link]

Happy Speedier Coding.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Some Web Dev Bits and Pieces 2

Performance Optimization in ASP.NET Web Sites
A decent article describing some site enhancing performance tips.

Getting Start With Node.JS Tools For Visual Studio
An introduction to Node JS tooling for Visual Studio and a few Node tips.

Integrating AngularJS with Azure Active Directory Services and Office 365/SharePoint, Part 4
Adding AAD and OWIN code to handle user authentication (can be used for other things beyond Sharepoint).

Azure VM Blues: Fighting a losing Performance Battle
Datamine this article to find Azure performance tips and learn how to avoid some Azure pit falls.

Composing Synchronous and Asynchronous Functions in JavaScript
Learn about Javascript Async functions and some use scenarios.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Tech Tidbits

How do I render CSS data-attribute values properly with Razor in .Net MVC or Web Pages?

main HTML5 Tag not working in Internet Explorer 9/10/11, an easy fix

SQL Server Compact & SQLite Toolbox and the Community Version of VS 2013

Happy Coding!