Monday, June 09, 2014

WCFExtras No Longer Needed In ASP.Net 4.5+ For Flat WSDLs

So I started a new WCF Service Application Project in Visual Studio 2013.  I soon ran into the "Where are all the missing parts of my WSDL?"  I then remembered something about needing WCFExtras to generate "flat" WSDLs with all the pieces parts in WCF.  In googling around about the difference between WCFExtras and WCFExtrasPlus was I found some good news...

WCF in the .Net framework 4.5+ will generate "flat" WSDLs for you without the need of WCFExtras!

All you need to do is have your connecting clients point themselves to..


Just add the ?singwsdl at the end of your service.svc and the full WSDL for your WCF is exposed without any missing pieces parts.


Here is a [LINK] for more info.