Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Telerik and Webforms: Trimming Paste on a RadComboBox

I had an issue with being able to trim incoming text into a radcombobox.  The code below is really simple but it took me a bit to figure out.  I'm stuck not using the latest release of Telerik's ASP.Net webform controls so maybe there is a different way to do this with later versions, but this worked for me.

I'm plugging into the RadComboBox's OnClientItemsRequesting by setting it to "MyItemsRequesting"

  function MyItemsRequesting(s, e) {  
     var txt = e.get_text();  
     if (txt != txt.trim()) {  
      var d = document.getElementById("mymasternamepageifany" + "_mydropdownid_Input");  
      if (d != null) d.value = txt.trim();  
      s.requestItems(txt.trim(), false);  
   /* more code */  

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Free FTP Program WinSCP

I've used the command line, File Explorer FTP, Smart FTP, Filezilla, and now have settled on the free WinSCP program for FTP type stuff.  It supports ftps and other formats and seems to work pretty well. It is also automatable but I haven't played with that yet.

Check it [HERE].

Visual Studio Image Library

Remember that pack of icons in Visual Studio 2010 that you could use in your projects?  I noticed them missing in Visual Studio 2015.  Apparently in order to save space Microsoft now has them as a download now.  

You can download these icons [HERE].