Friday, January 11, 2008

Hired Guns, Shody Journalism, and Illegal Immigration

I read an interesting article about the effects of illegal immigration in Arizona. You can read more [HERE].

I have opinions about immigration, but that isn't what my blog is about. I noticed several things about the article.

1) The journalism was weak. A 625 dollar an hour figure is tossed out there with no reference on how the journalist came upon that information, other then the statement "might" be a possible quote from someone that I got the impression on was being sarcastic.

2) The journalism was biased. The article's points are placed in such a way to attempt to lesson the impact of one sides argument while trying not to appear to do so.

3) The researchers in this article are essentially hired guns. This is systemic in our society. Pay someone enough, and they will spout out numbers supporting whatever it is you want them to support, and they will cloak their findings as "science". Our society tends to trust arguments that appear scientific, so there is a lot of political pressure to wrap ideology in pseudo science.

So people are making decisions based on pseudo science reported on by weak biased journalism. Not good for a democracy.

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