Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ahhh Vanity

Basically, as a writer and a blogger, I suck pretty hard. Broken English, misspelled words, incomplete sentences and thoughts, yadda yadda. This occures partially because I really do suck at times, but more often then not it is laziness on my part to not cross every t or dot every i.

But blogging is fun, and feeds a little personal vanity I suppose. I don't bring much to the table, but every once in a while someone will thank me for posting some code or quote a comment I left on a blog.

Here is one case...


This post is about virtual identities, something I'm very interested in. And the author, Dusan, talked briefly about a comment I made about Oscar Wilde, though I can't seem to find the original comment on the other blog post. So, in a small way, I added to the discussion of things, and got people to think a little bit about a point I made, which is cool.

Does my heat good and feeds the vanity flame a little more.

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