Monday, May 04, 2009

One Note: I Get It Now

Ok, a very talented developer where I work at is all about One Note (part of MS Office 2003+?). At first I didn't get One Note, now I do. One Note allows you to-
  • Copy paste from web sites code examples
  • Makes all your content searchable
  • Has an interface to automatically post things to external blogs
  • Is easily Organizable.

I'm occassionally hunting through favorites/bookmarks wondering where that could I saw was at, while my developer co-worker just types in a few keywords in One Note and all the info is at his finger tips. Plus he puts all the locations of servers, company procedures, personal info, etc... all in One Note, so he really does have one spot to look for things.

I haven't fully explored One Note, but so far I like it. And if Office 2007 is a little to big a purchase for your wallet, try Ever Note. I haven't used it, but I hear it is almost as good, and it is free or low cost.

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