Sunday, March 14, 2010

List of Open Source Useful Software

Yeah, it is time to redo my laptop. So as I go through the process, I thought I would list some of the common freeware apps that I use. If you know of any good ones feel free to list them as well. I use a Windoze so this won't help you Mac folks much.

  • Irfanview - great for simple image viewing and manipulations
  • Virtual Clone Drive - Opens ISO's locally
  • Izarc - Unzip utility with RAR support. Careful, site has a big advertisement that confuses the Isarc download with something else that isn't free
  • CD Burner XP Burn CD's and DVD's
  • Winamp- The old stand by for playing MP3's
  • Sumatra PDF - Faster, Lighter Adobe PDF reader
  • Open Office - Alternative to MS Office (There are others as well, google them yourself)
  • Virtual Box - Run virtual machines on your computer
  • Gladinet Cloud Desktop - Use this so I can map a drive to Microsoft's Live free 25 Gig free remote storage (see previous blogs)
  • Paint.Net - Great for light Photo manipulation, not Photoshop. Also there are some great web based alternatives, do a google search.
  • Notepad ++ - Great open source notepad replacement similar to Ultra Edit (Use Column Editing)
There are also some services I use, some I even pay for. I'll do a post for those as well, as well as update this list. I know there are more great open source software tools out there, I just either have commercial equivalents or I haven't used them yet.

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