Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tip On Web Service Engineering

On my last project, I'm sending data back to a client. The client is taking the data and updating several internal systems before acknowledging the data is received by sending me back a success code.

This is causing me all sorts of head aches. Their internal systems a slow, and I'm getting some strange errors. I upped the timeout to 10 minutes even, and still no love.

So, some advice. Just pass data to a store. Have your clients and yourself do their processing on that data outside of the web service. This will speed things up quiet a bit and help narrow down issues, and avoid timeouts ;)

If need by, you can setup your status's something like this.

  • Data Sent but Save Failed.
  • Data Sent Successfully.
  • Data Processing Failure.
  • Data Process Success.

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