Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well, I could have kind of guessed this. Men play more online, but women spend more cash when they do play.

gamasutra gaming article

I'd expect this to be (my guess, not anything proven) due to men, especially younger men, wanting the full triple AAA 3D immerse experience, while I would take a guess that many women play the more casual "spamware" Farmville type games. Interesting, I will post links like this here when I stumble on them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a MCP or anything, just my past gaming experience and the little bit of research I've seen but don't have handy would indicate this.

The question is, how to get more women playing games and different type of games if they really are mostly still playing casual games, and how to get men to drop more cash online, or better yet, hook them on casual games that tend to suck money out of wallets. That is if you are a game developer wanting to work through Facebook to have wheel barrels full of money delivered to your door step each month. People are doing it all the time, many of the "spamware" games on social networking sites aren't even that good, but they have the psychology of the spontaneous buy down.

It would be nice to get a slice of that casual gaming pie huh? Not that money is everything, but I wouldn't mind trading in my set of problems for a rich person's set of problems for a while (yeah they have plenty of problems too), if for nothing else just a change of pace. Then I can go back to being broke :)

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