Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love Twitter, I hate Twitter. If you don't get it, well, don't feel lame. Twitter has it's uses, but those uses are not for everyone. As an information gathering tool, a networking tool (as in meeting people with similar interest), and a marketing tool (or a pushing info/viewpoint tool...I'll put that under "marketing) Twitter is an awesome tool that will only get better.

I've had a few people look at my number of followers and ask how I and why I have the numbers that I do. My numbers aren't that impressive, nor does anyone's numbers really need to be high to use Twitter effectively. My numbers do look impressive to friends of mine that are just getting started with Twitter and wonder how to expand their following. I had so many questions about it I finally wrote something down for an indie gamer forum and then later posted that to associated content. The information might be of use to some, if so check it out.

A Simple Eight Point Strategy to Grow Your Twitter Following

Let me know if this helps, or please share any other successful strategies that you have used.

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