Friday, October 15, 2010

Basic Silverlight/.Net Twitter Jason Example

OK, some I'm back into Silverlight again. It actually isn't as bad as I thought, and I'm starting to get jazzed about working with it again. To get my feet wet I found a really basic example of adding some twitter search items to a Silverlight Listbox. After looking at it, ugly XML stared at me defiantly. I like XML for some things, like bloating my code a lot.

I know Twitter can return data in JSON, so I I hacked out the following example of consuming a Twitter search JSON result.

Note you need to add a few namespaces, System.Collections.ObjectModel and the new System.Json namespace.

Here is the meat of a click button even that consumes the Json

You can download the base Silverlight 4 project here-

Download project on

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