Sunday, November 28, 2010

Google Ads

For the very few of you that straggle across this blog every now and then you might notice that I succumbed and put up some Google ads. I resisted for awhile, but I'm poor, so I figured what the heck. Hey, I made a whopping 20 cents my first week!

But 20 cents is 20 cents. I figure a little sugar will invigorate me to write and post articles that have relevance to folks with code and links that line programmers will find of value. Maybe I can boost that 20 cents to a dollar a week. Multiply that by x number of other blogs and web sites that I have just dying on the vine that I might start working on, and I might make 50 bucks or so. That pays for a few domain names, maybe a book or PDF here or there, and some low end 3D software now and again. I will write/code/post for about six months and see what I can get going.

If ads piss you off I'm with you, they piss me off too. But when in Rome...oh well.

Happy Thanksgiving every one. I had a great one, hope you did too.

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