Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Web Forms: Getting the Bound DataRow Values of a Grid Row While in Read Only Mode

OK, I had a Telerik gridview, and I wanted to add a right click event on the rows that would pop a window.  I also wanted to pass some of the data elements on the row clicked in the URL string of the popup window.

On the MasterTableView I had the Primary Key ID in the DataKeyNames property, so I could get the primary key ID from the clicked row using this technique-

But what about the rest of the data?  I could try to get at the data in it's label form on the grid row, but what I really wanted was the underlying data that was bound to the grid.  After tweaking a using a little bit if Linq, I came up with this-

  protected void GridContextMenu_ItemClick ( object sender, RadMenuEventArgs e )  
     string radGridClickedRowIndex = Request.Form[ "radGridClickedRowIndex" ]; //hidden form field  
     int RowIndex = -1;  
     RowIndex = Convert.ToInt32 ( radGridClickedRowIndex );  
     GridDataItem gridRow = GridView.Items[ RowIndex ] as GridDataItem;  
     int ID = Convert.ToInt32(gridRow.GetDataKeyValue ( "ID" ).ToString ());  
     var rv = ( from myrow in ((DataView)GRIDDataSet.Select ( DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty )).ToTable().AsEnumerable ()  
           where ( myrow.Field<int> ( "ID" ) == ID )  
           select myrow ).FirstOrDefault ();  

And then you can access items in the bound data row like this

string myvalue = rv["column_name"].ToString();

Some of you will not get what I'm talking about.  But to a certain group of people I hope this is useful. Remember to include the System.Linq namespaces at the top of the code behind page.

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