Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CSI:NY and Second Life Tank

In case you didn't know, CSI:NY decided to do an episode dealing with Second Life. I don't watch the show (though I love the original CSI series based in Las Vegas), but I hope the normal episodes are much better then the Second Life one, which the 10 minutes of it I saw were painful to watch. Electric Sheep, a company that hawks the buggy Second Life program as the next internet to big corporate clients, convinced CBS to setup a massive Second Life presence to tie into the CSI:NY Second Life episode.

Well the effort tanked. The snake oil salesmen at Electric Sheep failed to capture any sort of significant user presence with their 440 (yes 440) CSI:NY Second Life Sims. The Second Life Herald reports that CBS shut down 408 out of 440 CSI:NY Second Life Sims (Virtual Islands). Virtual layoffs abound.

I understand the Electric Sheep's enthusiasm, but they knew better.

Read more [HERE].

And below is another promo video.

P.S. One thing the video above states that I didn't know is that Electric Sheep is owned now by CBS. Interesting. Those guys at Electric Sheep have been bought out, and just like the silicon pirates of the internet in the 90ies they will all ditch before people get a clue that virtual worlds need to be developed out more (especially Second Life) before they hit the prime time. Oh well, good for them.

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