Thursday, October 25, 2007

CSI:NY Boon to Second Life's....Sex Industry?

This is awesome. The Second Life Herald reveals that a bunch of porn vendors in Second Life are using the CSI:NY keyword to direct searchers to their various venues.

If you haven't heard, CSI:NY just had an episode where they hunted a killer both in "Real Life" as well as "Second Life". So, it is reasonable to think that after seeing the show, a bunch of people might be interested in checking out Second Life, and more specifically Electric Sheep's (I company that does a lot of Second Life stuff) CSI:NY areas. Well, looks like the Second Life porno industry thought a little bit ahead of CSI and Electric Sheep.

I'm kind of sick of hearing about Electric Sheep and Millions of Us. Good for them that they are riding a wave. Yet they are snake oil salesmen. Second Life has potential, but it isn't the metaverse, and these guys know that, yet they are selling it to big corporate clients as it is such, which is dishonest. I'm glad the porno folks hijacked one of ES's projects in a small way. This makes me grin.

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