Thursday, February 21, 2008

Product Reviews: ImageGlue and e-Receptionist

I know with .Net you basically can roll your own image manipulation classes fairly easily, as I've done it in the past based on publicly available examples. However, being stuck working with classic ASP for a few more weeks kills using .Net so I was stuck looking for another way. At my work we had a copy of Image Glue installed on our server, so I ended up using that. I must say Image Glue was very easy to use (though a few things in the documentation could have been explained better) and is extremely fast. I give Image Glue a thumbs up. Image Glue also comes with a .Net version, so if you don't want to role your own code you throw down a few bucks and have a great solution for cheap.

And my company, a small, nibble, virtual workforce dotcom, started using eVoice receptionist to take phone calls. You end up getting sent a wav to your email with the message. Pretty cool. I think for smaller companies who don't have a budget for dedicated phone support this solution will work pretty well.

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