Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Life

I found an interesting and balanced article on Second Life evangelism. You can read it here -


The article points out the dangers of Second Life without being overly dramatic about them, but covers them thoughtfully none-the-less. Today I almost killed my Second Life accounts permanently. I was home sick, hopped on, started chatting with a few people, told some woman I was home sick, and the next minute she wants to call me and cheer me up. Ummm....I'm married. I said that wasn't possible and broke off the conversation, but it got me thinking, Second Life is primarily a social networking scene, where people live out their virtual fantasies, and many of them lie on the sinful side. Should I even be in Second Life? The answer is easy...no. Sarah is always suspicious of me online in SL, and rightly so I guess considering how we met. I've still got some good friends I met online there that I'd like to keep tabs on, and I still like to take a peak at what University of Phoenix is doing with the Second Campus Islands that I got going for them, but other than that, I have no need to be on SL. Part of living a good life is trying to minimize your "surface area" to temptations, rather then relying on your will power to square off with sin. I love Sarah dearly, and I don't want to even appear to be up to no good in Second Life. Sometimes just flying around in that virtual world will have you innocently stumble upon things that a wife looking over your shoulder would not be pleased with. So, I pledge to stay out of Second Life unless-

1) I'm there for some pre-planned business activity with other professionals (unlikely at this point).

2) Am there to build or script specific items (again, unlikely unless one happens).

3) Am there to cyber evangelize and I am not alone on my end.

4) I am with Sarah or some other friend who will make sure everything is on the up and up.

I also pledge to stay our of areas like virtual bars, pubs, dance clubs, etc..., basically places you wouldn't go alone if you were married in real life unless there is some reason that Sarah would approve of or she is with me (don't see this happening, but leaving this clause in just in case).

To be honest, I think until the HTML on a prim and stability issues fully get worked out, there isn't much of a need to be in a business in Second Life (I know, there are some opportunities, especially in marketing, but none that I need to be in). Sarah and I have plenty of other things to do for entrainment then griefing in Second Life, So it is time to move on, unless I'm there on God's business and I'm not alone.

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