Saturday, July 26, 2008

California Bans Transfat, Freedom

Mommy, otherwise known as the government to most Californians, has recently passed a law banning trans fat from the state. While I think most Americans eat too much trans fat, I don't think the government has any business stepping into the role of Mommy. I'm down with having people who eat to much trans fats and thus suffer health related issues due to their over consumption of trans fat paying a higher premium for health care (and I would be one of those individuals, unfortunately). I don't believe liberals through government agencies should have the right to make sure people "live correctly". My ancestors bailed Europe because they didn't believe in government telling people how to live, and the setup this great country known as the United States of America where people are free to make their own choices, be they good or bad, and benefit or suffer the consequences of their own choices, again be they good or bad. It sets a really bad precedent abdicating even small personal freedoms (even to eat "the wrong" foods) to government. Today trans fat, but what will "Mommy" try to fix for us tomorrow? Ten years from now? Pretty soon government will be trying to make sure we all "believe correctly" and help us all reach acceptable ideological conclusions for the good of the "community" (i.e. the government). F that. Live Fat or Die! (j/k). How about live free of lefties (and conservatives) in government telling us how to live, and all of us being responsible for our own life choices.

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