Thursday, July 31, 2008

Column Side Gradients

I suck at Photoshop, not because I really suck, but because I don't get much time in on the design side. Too bad because I enjoy the design side a lot. I think ultimately I'd like to phase back on the coding side and spend more time on the design side. I figure the programming spectrum goes like this-

  • Blur between Web Application Developer and Hard Core Low Level Programmer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Web Scripter
  • Web Designer
  • HTML Content Developer

I think I'd like to find myself in the "Web Scripter" category, someone who does back-end database programming, but also does design work. I think I could meet a lot of small business user needs that way. Small business owners don't need or care about the craft of programming, and they can't support the budget for solutions based on those methodologies, but small business owners do need interactivity and data storing/retrieval. A nice blend of task for a single coder or a small team. I think I'm getting burned out a little bit on the application development side of things. I see a lot of extra abstraction layers being added into the mix, which is all well in good, but often times the extra effort is unnecessary and it is only done to please the herd.

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. Here is a link to a Photoshop/CSS tutorial on how to create gradient fades on the sides of content columns, something I'm seeing a lot of these days.

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