Friday, August 08, 2008

Georgia and Russia Go At It


A fast naval response by the Russians further indicates advanced planning on their part-

Read the third paragraph.

Further evidence that Russia was planning aggression against Georgia in advance.

Basically the Georgian's saw the writting on the wall, so they made a pre-emptive move on their break away republics...or the Russians saw the Georgian's planning an assault, and began to build up their forces...not sure which, probably and chicken or the egg question a that point. Both sides have interest in break away areas.

The flare up, and possible war, between Russia and Georgia will be interesting. Here are a few links that will help you understand the conflict.

There is oil involved.

Russia started the recent flare-up.

The Georgians are feeling perhaps a little overconfident, having had recent military training and funding from the U.S. and Israel , and ground combat experience in Iraq

I predict that the Russians will prevail, but if it comes to out and out full blown combat, the Russians will end up with a suprisingly big bloody nose before the conflict is over. It might be good for Russia's ego to be trimmed a bit. In either case it is sad to see that a bunch of young people are probably going to be killed over money and nationalistic pride.

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