Friday, August 22, 2008

A Peak at Goggle Trends

I read a blog recently that sighted some Goggle Trend data, so I figured I'd take a peak on what is going on. I found some interesting data, and saddly things don't look that great for the future of America being the hope of the most internet developers. Check out these few facts.

I checked out the search trends for ASP.Net, and I found the following-

  • Out of the top 10 originating search cities, only three where American (Houston, Atlanta, and Phoenix).
  • The United States was 8th over all in searches, even Iran beat us.
  • The top search language is suprisingly Vietnamese, followed by English at number two (probably due to the fact that most Indian programmers speak English). It looks like there is a large outsourcing effort going on in Vietnam.

Now let's check out the search trends for php.

  • Only San Fransisco made it on the top 10 originating cities list, and the United States didn't even make it on the top 10 originating search regions.
  • English didn't make it on the top 10 languages used in the search
  • It looks like Indonesia (Jakarta specifically) are doing the most with php right now.

Ok, Now lets do a trend for jQuery.

  • America doesn't make it on the top 10 search regions.
  • San Fran seems very active in its searching for jQuery, so is Redmond, else the other cities are all foreign, many of them being Asian cities.
  • Russians seem to be eating up jQuery, Russia being the top search region and top originating search language.

And lastly, lets do a trend search on Java

  • English is the 6th in originating search languages.
  • No American cities show up on the top 10.
  • The United States doesn't show up on the top 10 originating search regions.

One last one, lets do Actionscript-

  • New York, San Fran, English as the 3rd searched language, US not in the top 10 for search originating regions.

So, it seems like America has a few tech hubs (San Fransisco, Redmond, to a lesser extent Phoenix, Houston, and Atlanta). Other than that it looks like there are multiple regions in the world that are way more active in at least web development then America is. Right now it seems like America drives technology (though a suprising amount of what Microsoft, IBM, and Apple deliver is from outsourced teams).

So are we seeing the slow death of the American web developer?

Not sure.

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