Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Benefit of Having Many Choices

Well, once again I'm faced with a new year where I try to get myself motivated to build some web applications. I've been farting around with some tech decisions, and I've come up with the following for one of my projects.

I'm going to use the Abyss web server, PHP, and SQL Express 2008. It is cool to be able to not have to stick with one platform. I like Abyss because I can run it on any platform, and it is easy to use. I like PHP because so many people have done so many great things with it, and you can use PHP both in OOP mode or more like spaghetti classic ASP, which I actually was a master at. I think I'll stick with MS SQL Server for now. MySQL has come a long way, but it isn't quiet comparable to SQL Server yet IMHO. And lastly, on the client side, I'll make heavy use of jQuery. I might also use phalanger to boost the speed of my php if it will work with Abyss.

Pretty cool.

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