Sunday, June 14, 2009

What is Hot Right Now In The Job Market

I went to today out of curiosity ran some keywords through nationwide to get a rough indicator of what technologies are really in demand right now. Here are some interesting results (last 30 days).

Java: 8052 jobs
.Net: 4927 jobs
PHP: 1454 jobs
ASP.Net: 2324 jobs
Flex: 796 jobs
Flash 1081 jobs
test driven development: 2295 jobs
MVC: 520 jobs
Silverlight: 262 jobs
Design Patterns: 1368 jobs
Agile: 2221 jobs
SQL Server: 7285 jobs
MySQL: 1479 jobs
c#: 4014 jobs
Visual Basic: 895 jobs
VB: 1964 jobs
Javascript: 3589 jobs
jQuery: 314 jobs
AJAX: 2011 jobs
Photoshop: 646 jobs
Ruby on Rails: 257 jobs
Python: 1023 jobs
Maya: 19 jobs
3D Max: 13 jobs
Unity 3D: 1 job

A few surprises, I expected to see a lot more Flex and Silverlight jobs. Apparently Java is far from dead, despite what many bloggers have espoused. SQL Server DBA's are in high demand as well. Python also looks pretty strong where Ruby on Rails still looks over hyped in the blogosphere compared to demand.

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