Thursday, March 13, 2008

HTML On A Prim

Well, for those of us who had/have fantasies about developing real world applications in the Virtual Environment known as Second Life there has been an encouraging development. It looks like Linden Labs is finally rolling out the ability to present static web content on a prim (a prim is the basic building block of Second Life). For now the prim will only be able to display essentially a static screen shot of a web page with no dynamic or interactive capabilities (no button clicks, no Flash, no scroll bars), but this is a nice first step. Once we have full web interactivity in Second Life I see a lot of possibilities opening up.

I see this year as an important year for Second Life. The hype will be (mostly) over, which might be a good thing as Linden Labs will get some quiet time to make some much needed improvements. I don't log in that much any more, but it looks Linden is on the way to implement Mono, now HTML on a Prim, and several other enhancements are making me pay closer attention. The next year should be interesting, maybe Linden Labs will start delivering on long ago promised features.

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