Monday, March 17, 2008

More Industrial Espionage

We aren't even trying to maintain any sort of technological dominance in warfare anymore. Read this article about some Indian dude getting snagged for exporting restricted military technology to India. He will get a hefty....slap on the wrist.

Hey corporate assholes that are exporting all our tax payer paid for military tech to other nations for short term profits, here is a big F-U to you from me. I hope that this country will get serious about protecting secrets again and that you will hang high for crap like this rather then do a few years in club fed. Not a very Christian thought I know, but I believe one day American soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen will die in large numbers by weapons using technology that American taxpayers developed and then sh*t brains either let get stolen with a wink wink or "co-developed" products allowing for technology transference to other nations in exchange for short term corporate profits.

America, I love you, but you are getting really, really lame. We are letting our fat cats sell us out at every corner why we gorge ourselves on fast food, drive giant cars bought on loans from Middle East Sheiks, and spend our pay checks on cheap goods from Asia that we used to make ourselves while we wonder why there aren't as many good paying jobs anymore.

Freaken grow up and wake up.

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