Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Marketing Article with Societal Implications

I read the grokdotcom from time to time it is a great resource for marketing information. The following is an interesting post about "You" and the failure of the Web 2.0 hype (though not quiet framed that way in the article). What is interesting to me is the concept of information irrelevance, which is just another term for infocyde...hiding critical information by burying it. Though the article is targeted at marketeers, poli-sci geeks and wanna be philosophers like myself might find the article of interest.

Take a look here-


Robert Gorell said...

Glad you liked my post!

Yeah, this idea definitely goes beyond online marketing. We have to look at the echo chambers we subscribe to and as ourselves what they're really doing for us, and why we're bothering to participate at all. A lot can be learned from social media and we haven't reached the end of the rabbit hole just yet. But we do need to be conscious of where we are.

Thanks again for the kudos!

infocyde said...

Wow, someone read my blog :) Thanks for the post back, you had a great article.