Friday, May 30, 2008

More War B.S. Marine Busted for Handing Out Coin with Christian Verse On It

Anther sad milestone for our society and the Iraq war. We are allegedly fighting for Iraqi's freedom. Yet I guess freedom of religion, which is really a subsets of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, isn't included in the rights that we hope to "civilize" the Iraqis with, and apparently is no longer even a right for our own troops.

Some marines where handing out coins with a Bible verse on the coin to Iraqis. Some Iraqi elders got hot and bothered because Americans might influence Iraqi minds against Islam. A marine was busted and is in trouble, and our own president apologized to the Iraqis. Why are we over there again? To help prop up an Islamic dictatorship? If this is how the war is being waged, let's bring the troops home. We don't even know what we are fighting for.

Koodos to the marine for standing up for Jesus Christ and his country.

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