Monday, July 06, 2009

We Lost An Interesting Person This Last Week

Amid all the celebrities dying the media over looked the death of a lesser known but important figure who died recently. On July 3rd, John A. Keel died. He wrote the Mothman Prophecies and many other books relating to the Fortean, my favorite being Operation Trojan Horse.

I was very much on the same page (or like to think so) with Keel's views about UFO's, Ghost, Faeries, etc... all really being the same phenomena, and that phenomena isn't extraterrestrial, but ultraterrestrial. Keel, though not a Christian, declared on several occasions that he wasn't really a "UFO-ologist", but a "demonologist" because he recognized the phenomena for what it really is. He, independent of a religion paradigm, came to the same conclusions I have and many others have about UFO's being something other and more complex then little green men from space or hicks out in the back woods who drank too much.

I admired Keel, as I admire anyone, who looks around the world and realizes (or really admits to themselves) that there is more then meets the eye as to what is going on in this fascinating realm we call existence. I admire his courage and the intellectual honesty to peer at the things that "don't make sense" if the world is exclusively a by product of random mutation.

Here is a pretty good article on Keel and his impact on the Fortean community.

I hope that Keel's journey lead him ultimately to Jesus, and that now John A. Keel is in peace.

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