Monday, August 24, 2009

Windows 7: First Impressions

So far Windows 7 has been great. I installed Windows 7 ultimate on an older laptop that I would never attempt to install Vista on. The only immediate bummer was driver support. But that is when I found out something very cool about Windows 7. It supports drivers written for older versions of Windows! Way cool, especially if you are trying to resurrect older computers. Just right click the installer, set the compatibility mode, and install. I got the sound and video working with XP drivers. I am impressed.

I pretty much could care less about graphical UI (kinda Office 2007 ribbon-ish), but under the hood Windows 7 appears to run very fast even on older machines.

I'm digging my old computer with Windows 7. I've got a bunch of older 3D software programs that I'd like to try out on this laptop to see how they run. I will post results as they arise.

So far, if you can get Windows 7, I'd say install it.

FYI, the specs of my older laptop if interested.

* 3.2 Gig p4 w Hyper Threading
* 64 Meg ATI 9600 Video Card
* 1 Gig of Memory
* 80 Gig HD

So far the laptop seems very responsive with Windows 7. Good job Microsoft.

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