Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Politics of Decline

When I debate younger people about military spending, I'm almost always appalled at their ignorance about the current size of our military compared to the past. Young lefties often lament the money being spend on the war in particular and on the military in general.

Well, in actuality we are spending on the military less then 5% of our GDP, which is below cold war levels, and spending this while fighting numerous special operations wars in various parts of the globe as well as occupying two nations. The just is our military is much smaller today then it has been in the past, and we can afford a bigger one. I'm not saying we should afford a bigger military, just that historically we have always had a bigger military and somehow in the past we could afford it just fine. I wish much of the left's scrutiny about spending was evenly applied to domestic programs as well as national security and military related ones.

Anyway, another article references our decline. Right after Viet Nam we had a 1200 ship navy. Under Reagen that went down to 600. And the Clinton administration further reduced our navy to under 300 ships.

Read the article [HERE] and the quote is on page 2.

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