Monday, September 29, 2008

Disappointment with Yahoo Answers

I like(d) yahoo answers. It was a good waste of time and I liked answering people's questions. Today I got suspended because I gave a general answer to a hacking question. I appealed by suspension, but I got a form response from "Jane" telling me my account will not be reinstated.

Well, to be honest, that pisses me off. It actually makes me want to take out a little anger on Yahoo. Well, if they don't reinstate my account, the following will happen.

1) I will tell everyone what happened and why I am disappointed in Yahoo.
2) I pay for Yahoo mail. Yes I'm like one in five people that do. That will end.
3) Yahoo API's and Javascript? Ha! Think I will use their API's anymore? Nah... Think I will recommend using that stuff at work? Nah...

Yahoo = Facist.

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