Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vista Aero 3D and Linux Beryl Envy

I recently did a lot of reading about Beryl, the cool 3D virtual desktop program for many Linux distributions. So I did a little digging. There had to be some sort of equivalent for winblows right? Specifically for XP hopefully.

Well, there is, quiet a few of them. The best free one I found for XP is yod'm. There is the free version which goes up to version 1.4 and a commercial version (I think it is at ) if you want to pay a little and help the developer out.

You can find links to both plus more information here-

Also, if you like Aero 3D on Vista, why not run it on XP? You can by going here.

I ran both in tandem today and they work fine. Yod'm doesn't quite have all the cool features that Beryl has, but I hear there is a Beryl port for windows coming. Yod'm or the commercial version with more features should hold you till then.

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