Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Education Going OpenSource? Additional Signs

How many times does the knowledge base of what needs to be taught in a High School physics course change? Maybe an update here or there once a decade? Or how about Calculus? Never?

So how come there are litterally thousands of High School physics and calculus books out there?

You know the answer, $$$.

Well, hopefully that will change, and I think things are slowly starting too. I dont' want to see there be one global secondary education book for calculus or physics, but we don't need thousands. Why not collaborate and come up with a really good book? Why not make it open source? Why not make it electronically downloable from the web so school districts and students can save money on books?

All good questions, and the Common Wealth of Virginia is on the ball and already decided that there were no good reasons for not doing the above.

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