Monday, August 20, 2007

An Example of Media Control: Iran shells villages in Iraq

It is significant to me what the American media chooses to pick up and what it chooses to ignore. It points to a cabal at worst at best an oligarchy of like minded media moguls who have incredible influence on what we hear, the context in which we hear it, and when we hear it. With the world wide web we see some gaps here in there in their control, as they don't move as a unified whole.

So what am I talking about? Iran shelling Iraq. Isn't this an act of war? Isn't this a significant event? It is, but our media overloads have decided that it would not be prudent to "stir up the masses" on this one. The story leaked...but why isn't Fox news, CNN, and for that matter the Comedy Channel picking up on this story? And when and if they do, will the story just be a quick blurb with a commentator saying something like "That's disturbing." Then quickly moving on the the Paris Hilton drama of the day?

Here is the story that I am referring to to use as a center point for my argument above. The BBC let it slip though...just like we heard a few rumblings of something going on with Turkey and Iraq...but not much traction. Why?

The article is [HERE].

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