Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Second Life:One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This week Second Life gets voice. This is a great feature that makes the platform one small step closer to being used seriously by business. Yet key features, like moderated discussions, remain elusive. Linden promises these things in the near future, but Linden Lab's past track record on delivering promised features is pretty abysmal. Voice also takes away some of the anonymity of the platform, which will cause a certain percentage of SL's clientele to become less active in the SL universe.

So, although voice is a great small step, I'm still looking for
- Moderated voice discussion features
- An integrated web browser that supports at least flash video
- The ability to sync audio and video
- Less lag/more stability
- A client that auto updates, rather then me having to download a 30 meg file every week

So, good job Linden, I await the full promised package.

Also, I'm fairly behind on work this week, so the post will be pretty sparse, if anyone even reads this. I'll make up for it next week.


Nate said...

You talk about what you like and what you don't like with SL Voice and then you relate SL Voice promises from Linden labs in other areas of the Second Life. These things are not connected so what is this "waiting for the whole package?" As far as delivering voice upgrades I'm sure they will be quick coming because there are two companies working on it: Linden Lab and Vivox.

infocyde said...

Good point, I just wanted to point out that yes voice is good, but where are all the other items that were promised over the years? Voice is great and came out of the blue kinda, serious uses of Second Life could work around voice by using team speak or skype. The other features that had been promised long before voice are still missing.